Saturday, August 30, 2008

a few pics...

i will write a real update later, but i have such great new pics of the boys, so i wanted to share!

joey booty

the playboy

smiling at daddy

more ronnie smiles

and more :)

getting to know each other

Saturday, August 16, 2008

sick babies :(

so, both boys have had a cold this week. i had one, and did everything i could to prevent them from getting it, i washed my hands obsessively, carried hand sanitizer in my pocket, and even wore a mask when i held/fed them. i knew though that there was a good chance they would catch it since they have such immature immune systems.
ronnie caught it first on tuesday, then joey came down with it the next i have sniffly, sneezy, coughing babies. the nasal aspirator has been our best friend. the boys and i have been sleeping in the office so daddy can actually get sleep.
they are starting to feel better, so we are almost through our first colds! through this all, the boys have been so very sweet..i have seen more and more smiles from both of them

and we have really been enjoying the mornings in the sunny office..

mom, what the heck is this thing next to me?? its many chins are terrifying!

but it is delicious..

well, hopefully we will be all better soon, and i really hope that we will be able to update more soon!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

holy cow

sorry for the lack of posts lately..the boys have been dealing with those daggone tummy issues, so we have switched to an even stricter hypoallergenic diet, and then there is the adjustment to the new formula, which has caused issues in and of itself :(
sooooo today's update is very exciting.
2 big things
i got my first true smiles this week :) they were from ronnie, and they are still very sporadic, but they are beautiful, and made me fall even deeper in love:)
i haven't been able to catch them with the camera..this was one of my attempts..he was over it

we went to the doc today for a little poopy issue with joey that turned out to be fine, and i wanted to check their weights.
checked joey's weight and lo and behold..

9lbs 11 oz!
biiiiig baby, i am thrilled
ronnie was a nice steady 8 lbs 15 oz.still on the high end of normal for the gaining has been a tough week, but has paid off in multiple ways!
hopefully more updates/pics soon!
love to all
nora, ron and the chunkmeisters