Wednesday, February 11, 2009

9 month marathon post goes....
Things have been crazy here. In the past month the boys have been growing so much, and are becoming more and more mobile. Not crawling quite yet..but soooo close, especially Ronnie..he has started getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. That has been going on for about 3 weeks now, so I am guessing crawling should be any day now! Joey can push his chest up and move around in a circle, but has yet to get his butt up. Otherwise they are doing great! obviously growing super well.
The only obstacle we have run into is that daggone cereal..we have tried three times, both rice and oatmeal, and each time we have big tummy issues. We have a GI appt this week, and hopefully we will get some answers on what to do next.
We did get over half of a hurtle this past month too...we got through sleep training with Joey.
Our pediatrician wanted us to wait until 8 months, because they have been through so much already, and they still had such tummy issues, so if they cried they needed me. SO...we went ahead and started with Joey, because he's my easy going little guy. He was a champ...1st night he cried for 50 minutes, 2nd night 20 minutes, 3rd night 4 minutes, 4th night, not a peep :)
We planned to start Ronnie soon after, BUT he wanted to put that off for a while, so he decided to start really teething..and then to put it off further decided to get THREE teeth at once!!! Poor little guy! He still has a little ways to go, and I hope they hurry up :(
OH! and Joey did get his bottom 2! With him though, I hardly noticed a difference besides the drool. He is just so laid back!
here comes the good stuff, the pictures :)
First we'll start with some stuff from the past month

ronnie can sit like a champ now!

joey is getting much better at sitting too!

my favorite joey look

ronnie has only managed to "crawl" backwards..and it gets him in some funny positions..he doesn't seem to mind

trying to read a book to the boys before nap time...they are having none of it ;)

We also took the boys for their first walk in the stroller without their car seats..
Ronnie LOVED it, Joey was not so sure. It was really cute at the beginning, every hill and bump, Ronnie would squeal :)

AND we gave the boys their first bath together! They loved it! Again, especially Ronnie..he was splashing the whole time.

Here starts our 9 month photo shoot :)

Ronnie is irresistible

Handsome Ronnie in an adorable outfit from Aunt Jess

Ronnie took a break from the photo shoot for his favorite activity, rocking back and forth on all fours :)

Joey was napping the 1st half of the photo shoot

He was pretty excited about the prospects of a fun shoot

Handsome Joey

joey is soooooo over it, haha

The boys entertaining each other

my loves

beautiful ronnie

Trying to take the 9 month picture was ridiculous this time around, haha. Ronnie doesn't like being put on his back for the most part I had to just wait for him to roll over...they are getting to be such HUGE boys

joey says "mom, i thought you were done with the photo shoot!" :)

finally time to eat

this evening joey spent some quality time with his doggie..he loves shorty, and i love that smile :)

finally! no more paparazzi!!

thanks for looking, love to all from nora, ron, ronnie and joey

9 months!!!

I am working on a big 9 month post..but for now lets just see what changes have been going on these past 9 months

1 month, right after the boys came home from the hospital

3 months

6 months (chunksters)

9 months! switched sides, but believe me, it was hard enough to get them to hold still for half a second!