Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas round 1

We started out our Christmas celebration this past weekend at Dave and Deirdre's. We had such a wonderful time. The boys were in super good spirits besides a bad couple of teething days and mom and dad forgetting to get gas drops before we left.
We had a great ride up, the boys behaved, and Aunt Sarah sat in the back with them (she flew up to our house, so she could spend a little more time with the boys). We did have a a scary moment where we saw an accident happen right in front of us, and I don't even want to think about it, because it made me not even want to be on the road again..ANYWAY..otherwise it was a great ride.
We got there on Saturday evening, Dad and Carol were there. I felt a little bad, because Ronnie had one of his famous melt downs right as we got there. He was already a tiny bit grumpy the last 30 minutes of the ride..and his dinner was late, so I understand. I had to walk him around for a bit, fed him...then he turned into his charming self.
It was funny, Ronnie is usually my mama's boy, who can't be around other people without flipping out, but this weekend he was as pleasant and happy as can be. It was a very nice surprise.
See examples:

with uncle dave

with daddy

with aunt sarah

with aunt deirdre

Joey was actually not quite as happy go lucky as usual..I think it was due to teething, and just being somewhere new. He was
of course still a little sweet heart.

before we left, napping with aunt sarah

sitting on our new cousin ;)

with aunt deirdre

we took the jumperoo to help keep them entertained...i think it worked

and then....the gifts

Aunt Deirdre gave them 4 new books, which we got to read by the fire when the power went out for a few hours on Monday morning. They are beautiful books, with great little stories. I will try to find a link for them later...

Dave and Deirdre gave the boys a stacker and this rolling duck thing that they LOVE.

Carol and Ronnie

The boys spent some quality time together..

The ride back was mostly good, but same as the ride up...I think the boys got a little bit tired of the car seats..
Joey was in a super mood when we got home, and while I was changing him he looked so cute that I made him my little Christmas baby :)

Well, its Christmas morning and I guess the boys must have been excited because they woke up at 5:30 and wouldn't go back to sleep. Not too sure why they screamed so much, if they were so happy it is Christmas...but they sure cheered up after their first Christmas breakfast :)
Ron and I are so excited for the day, we were up until 2 wrapping..Christmas takes on a whole new meaning now that these amazing little guys are in our lives. I am taking everything in, trying to stamp it all on my memory.
The whole time though, I am reminded of how immeasurably lucky we are to have these boys, and that they are so happy and healthy. Since the boys were born I have thought of how difficult it must be to have babies in the hospital during the holidays..
So today, I am also thinking of my extended family- Kathy, Chip, and the Mcginty's, and if anybody has a moment..please say a little prayer for Drew and McKenna that they continue to grow stronger everyday and are able to come home soon.

There will another update after Christmas round 2 at the Lowder's..which should prove to be a great time.
Lots and lots of love to all. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

busy days!

Well, we have been so so busy..I haven't had too much time to update..sorry all!! :)
Things are going pretty well..Ron is super busy at the moment with the end of semester concerts with the academy of rock music

So, he has not been home much, and I tell ya..even though he usually only has one day off anyway..I am really feeling his absence..not just because I miss him, but he does a lot to help out around here ;)

The boys have been busy..they are now sleeping all night in their cribs..well, not SLEEPING all night..they still usually wake up 1-2 times a night, but they are fine with going back into the crib after they eat. The only thing is, I am still putting them in the cribs asleep, so that makes it easy. Their doctor told me to hold off on sleep training until 8 months, he said they deserve a pass for everything they have been through ;) and they still have issues, so when they are crying they might really need me to go to them. So I have another month before the real screaming begins, haha.

One thing that is not great is Ronnie's reflux has been really really acting up. But as I said before, the GI doc said that as his reflux improves it will go up and we are still on the way to recovery..just going through a rough patch right he increased Ronnie's prevacid to almost the top of the dosage limit.
I haven't been able to do too much tummy time with Ronnie due to his tummy issues, but he is getting great at sitting up, and joey is really working on rolling over more, both ways..
Still no teeth, soooo close though..everyday i feel a little more in Joey's mouth. I will be glad when that milestone has been reached. I hear that the rest aren't as bad as the first ones..

Thanksgiving was a wonderful time..spent with the Lowder's. I was sad to have missed the great dinner at Dave and Deirdre's (which has become a tradition for me), but hopefully next year we will be able to get back up there with the boys.
We did have a great time, and so did the boys..

joey's first thanksgiving

ronnie's first thanksgiving

the boys did great in their bjorns

all the excitement tuckered the boys out

laughing with aunt jess

joey loving aunt kimmie

even though ronnie has been spitting up a bit more (notice big stain) he is still a happy boy :)

and he still has an appetite

on a good night, we worked on rolling

how could you not love those precious faces?

and how could you not love a taste of chunky ronnie? at least he doesn't mind :)

jojo the cow

jojo smirking in the jumperoo

now we are just getting geared up for christmas! we can't wait to see everyone, to just spend time with family, and to finally get some of our family time together. Hopefully, I will have some time to update more soon! Love to all!!! Happy holidays!!