Wednesday, April 30, 2008


hey everybody..just wanted to let you know, i am deeep in the midst of studying for finals. my last one is next monday...then i can finally relax!!
so, to anyone who has been trying to reach me...this is why i haven't called back....yet! i will have tons of time to talk next week ;)
lots of love to all!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

bed restin'

I went to the doc last week, and he was not happy with my continued (and increasing) braxton hicks, so I have been put on modified bed rest. No more work for me, but he did clear me for finishing school, since I only have a couple of weeks left.
Im now on a schedule of seeing him every week, which is comforting. Now when you think about it, time is about to start moving soo fast, and we still have so much to do! We have to work on the nursery (which is now cleaned out, but still needs paint and furniture)!
Ah well, it will all get done :)
Ron and I did manage to get in one last getaway before the news, and that was wonderful. We went to Nags Head for a night, and ate at our favorite restaurant, Elizabeth's.
Here are a few pics of our last romantic getaway for a good long while :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

stay put babies!

Thank Goodness, It looks like the monkeys are staying right where they are for at least a few more weeks. We had our 25 week doctor's appointment on Thursday, and my doc was a bit concerned with the amount of Braxton Hicks contractions I've been having. He also said after describing something that happened last weekend, that I had a real contraction too (he did say its not uncommon to have a few of those in the last couple of months. So we did a Fetal Fibronectin Test . It came back negative today. Thats a huge sigh of relief. We still have a long way to go to get these babes fat and healthy. We had an Ultrasound that went great. Baby B has always measured a little behind baby A in weight, but it looks like not only has he caught up, but he has become a little chunky monkey. He weighed in at 2 pounds. Baby A is still measuring great, he is 1 pound 12 ounces. They are both breech with butts down.
I am feeling great, I've cut back hours at work, and its a good thing because I have been more tired than I have been in the last few months. Every day I have off I have to take an afternoon nap :). I have really been relaxing for the most part, the doc says that it the best thing I can do for my boys, so I'm working on it. I am taking some time to get some organizing done in our storage room, that will be the boys' nursery. Next week will be the big work week. Ron has taken off so we can get a ton of stuff done.
He has been working so hard, things are going great with the school, and he took me this week to see the space where classes will be held in Va Beach starting this summer, very cool.

Well, heres what you've all been waiting for, more pics!
Enjoy :)

Here is baby A's profile

And here is is in 4D, looking as cute as ever....

Here is my fav pic from this session. It looks as though Baby B will be proficient at yoga when he gets out ;)

And here he is in 4D, moving around again, so pretty blurry, but you can really tell that he is filling out, chipmunk cheeks :)

This one is a bit on the blurry side too, but its both boys together, head to head..very sweet

Lastly here is one of me from last week, at 24 weeks..speaking of filling out :)

We'll keep you updated on baby room progress next week!
More soon...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our first class..

We had our first "prepared childbirth" class last night. It was actually a fun time! I didn't think Ron was going to be able to go, but he was awesome and surprised me by moving around his students so he could go too.
It is a lamaze class, but you learn plenty besides the breathing too, last night we actually learned some pretty useful stuff about recognizing false labor from the real thing, stages of labor, etc.
Ron did great, took notes and everything, Im impressed. :)

In other news...I'm having a harder and harder time sleeping. Last night I couldn't fall asleep until 4:30 am, even later than Ron! I need a reading light, because if I'm going to be up that late, I'd rather get some good reading in then just stare at the walls in the dark, and I would rather not go downstairs to watch TV or anything, because climbing up and down the stairs has really begun to resemble a hike up Everest for me.
Im already carrying an extra 30 pounds around!
Speaking of, that brings me to the rest of the night..tossing and turing like I have never known. Even though I am surrounded by pillows, I wake about 8 times a night to flip sides because my hips are killing me! If anybody has advice, please give it!
Otherwise things are beautiful. I can't wait to see where they are on Thursday, because I am feeling things everywhere, and I love every second of it. :)

Now Im off to take a nap, so I can get some serious studying done tonight..oh and watch OPENING DAY AT YANKEE STADIUM!!!
more soon!