Tuesday, January 29, 2008

for those about to rock...

Check it out...there is a great article about Ron and his school in the paper today. The author spent a lot of time with Ron and the students. I was a little nervous about the song content part...but the quote from the parent was great. I really am proud, all of his hard work is starting to pay off!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

baby time, times 2!

Well, finally..the cats outta the bag! I have been anxiously awaiting the time when we could share our excitement with everyone. So, everyone that I have avoided talking to in the last couple of months..thats why! Im sorry ;)
So, here is our beginning...after a much too long wait (the simple version), we found out that we were pregnant on November 7th. We were very cautious about it for a while, not to get to excited. Our numbers were so great though, it was hard to not be thrilled. I decided that I would start being excited after the 1st ultrasound...well excitement was an understatement. We found out on the 1st Ultrasound we were expecting triplets!! 
We were slightly overwhelmed, but we have wanted a little one for a while, and the thought of more than one was a blessing. The doctors on the other hand were pretty concerned, and let us know what to expect..early bed rest, pre term delivery, tiny babies in incubators, kind of daunting to think about in all of our excitement. 
We went through the holidays and it took a while until our next doctor visit, with my new OB at the Maternal Fetal Medicine (high risk) office at EVMS in Norfolk. 
When we did get to see our doctor, we really liked him. Very smart and full of info. As well as eager to answer every question I had. 
We made the plans that we were gonna see him every 2-3 weeks. 
When we saw him for our 12 week appointment, we learned that one of the little ones didn't make it. 
We were very sad for our loss, but found comfort in the fact that the other two looked great, and they would have a much easier time thriving. 
Our doctor was very relieved, and believes that now this pregnancy is only slightly higher risk that a regular pregnancy. 
We had an appointment last Thursday, and the two babies have grown so much, it really is amazing! While I was laying there on the table getting the ultrasound, it really hit me that what I was seeing on the screen was growing inside of me....words can't describe :) 
The ultrasound tech was so funny, and she loved every second of it as much as we did, she said I scanned great, and the babies were being really active. 
One of them (baby A) was being a ham, and the ultrsound tech was about 99.9 % sure that its a boy! He was not shy! He faced us the whole time, but B (who she thinks is a boy too!) was more reserved...facing the other way and crossing his legs, haha
We will know the sexes for sure on our next visit on Valentines! 

Otherwise, Im feeling great now, it's true what they say that the second trimester is much better.  No more nausea, vomiting, more energy...Im really starting to enjoy it! 

More soon!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

intro time

Well, here we are. I have finally given into the world of blogs. I am excited to have a place where we can keep friends/family updated on our increasingly exciting lives..
For just a little background, if you don't know our back story..
Ron and I met in early 2000, and shortly thereafter started playing music in a band together. Our friendship grew, and even after that band ended we continued to collaborate. 
In 2001 when Ron began to talk about moving to NYC, it was hard to think about being without my best friend, so agreed to move with him and we would continue to make music together. 
In 2002 we moved to Brooklyn, and realized then that our friendship was much more. 
We had a great time living in the city, made some amazing friends and adopted our first lovely puppy dog, Shortstop. 
In 2004, we needed to come back to Virginia in order to be closer to family. It was sad to leave the city, but one thing Ron and I have in common is our dedication to, and love of family. 
In the summer of 2005, Ron proposed to me in Nags Head, NC. We began to excitedly plan for our June wedding of the next year. 
Life took a heartbreaking turn in early 2006, when my mother became very ill due to complications of the cancer she had been diagnosed with in 2004. 
The wedding was the last thing on my mind when I began to spend the next 2 months in a constant rotation of driving back and forth from Newport News to Roanoke. 
We lost my mother on March 2nd of 2006, and I will always cherish that time I spent with her in the last months. I will also always cherish the love and support of so many people, especially my soon to be husband. 
We were married June 3rd of 2006, and honeymooned in Oahu, Hawaii. We both agree that it was the best time of our lives, starting from the wedding to the end of the honeymoon. 
Since then we have both been working hard. 
I am in school in pursuit of my Veterinary Technician degree. 
In the summer of 2007 Ron opened his multi-use recording and instructional studio, Lowder Sound
He also founded The Academy of Rock Music, which is a "school of rock" in which he teaches classes of 10-18 year olds to play rock music in a group (band) setting. Very cool! 
We also added another member to our family in early 2007, our beagle pup, Walter. He is a constant source of joy and frustration, we adore him. 
More to come soon on our current lives, and new additions!
Thanks for reading :)