Wednesday, November 26, 2008


so, yeah, didn't get to update everyday, haha..a little overambitious.
so, things have been pretty i said before the formula change didn't work. it took a few days, but they are back to normal..only waking up 3 times a night! haha :)
we had our 6 month well visit and..
ronnie 16.2 lbs

joey 16.9 lbs

so they are doing so well :) their doctor is very happy..
he okay'd us to start cereal..soooooooo

ronnie kept going back and forth between laughing and crying..joey was unsure the first night, but the second night he was in heaven!
on the flipside, it didn't really sit well with the we had another bad night, and then had a few days without poop..which was pretty miserable :( so we are gonna wait a few days before trying again..
we have also been working on tummy time..which elicits drools from jojo..

and have been working on sitting up..they are both doing awesome

ronnie still loves his jumperoo

the boys have been so interested in the dogs lately..they squeal whenever they see them, and walter of course has been pretty interested in them too..and since they are starting to grab things a lot now..even walter's tongue is not safe...

well....of course we need to take a moment to say what we are thankful for...
i have so many things.i have the most amazing family i can imagine..both immediate and surrounding.. in annapolis, in richmond, roanoke, greensboro, florida, appomattox, pennsylvania, nova, zurich, seattle and here in town..
most of all though i am beyond thankful for the loves of my life ron, ronnie, joey, shorty and walter..
these little guys have changed my life in ways that i could never have imagined, and that i am thankful for..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

bad bad bad

sorry no updates...lets just say that the conversion to the other formula did not work...things have gotten much much worse for the moment..
horrible digestive issues, gas, sleep for boys or mom..
stopped the trial yesterday..hopefully things will go back to normal today...only really gassy and somewhat fussy please..i would gladly take waking up 2 times a night to feed or pat butts from gas over what we went through last night..up every hour at LEAST once..joey didn't even fall asleep until 10:30...nothing could stop ronnie's screaming, ugh..and only one mommy between em..literally, on the floor between them.
so...please please say a prayer for me that things get better today.
will update when i can

Sunday, November 16, 2008

daddy's pics of the week

so, i skipped a day..oops!! well, its tough to post everyday! haha... and i'm sleepy i'll make it quick..well, actually i had a little help with this one.
so, i present...daddy's picks of the week (meaning i asked ron's advice, and these were his choices :)

approved by daddy

Friday, November 14, 2008

GI appt today..

we went to the GI doc at CHKD today..we love we were leaving, ron and i were talking about how extremely lucky we have been to have had, since the beginning, doctors and nurses who truly care. it has been one of the greatest blessings, seriously. without this caring, and the ability to listen, and the above and beyond attitude we would not have the big ol healthy happy boys we are so lucky to have.
the doctor has decided that we should try to start weaning off of Neocate (the ultra hypoallergenic formula they have been on). we will try to mix with another, less extreme hypoallergenic formula that we would slowly progress to. soooo, in doing this, he wants us to wait on starting solids..this way we can be sure if their is any reaction, what it is caused by.
he also recommended i really up the dosage of the gas drops we've been giving, and if that works..the world will seriously be a much more beautiful place..those poor boys have been miserable, especially at night (which in turn makes mommy miserable).
please work, please work!!
so, we will be giving this a try and going back in december to hopefully start solids then.

haha, and i asked him if the amount they have been eating is enough..he said 'oh yeah..their weight gain has been exceptional"
are you calling my boys fat? haha
im proud of my little fatties :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

christmas is coming!!!

i am so excited to be celebrating the first christmas with the just makes the holiday so much more special. I love the gifts we have picked out for them so far..

the fisher price crawl and cruise musical jungle...

both of these adorable mats

and for their christmas style...crazy 8 is pretty awesome. its a more affordable division of my favorite store gymboree.

we got a bunch of their holiday style gear..this is my favorite :)

oooohhhh i can't wait :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

6 months of greatest hits

i know that photo posts are the most popular, and, well i really enjoy them too, because there are so many darn cute pics of these guys..and doing this is neat, because i get to look back and see how much they have changed in such an amazingly short period of, the 1st in my marathon of posts is a marathon post itself..the greatest hits of the last 6 months..some have been seen, some are out takes, some are brand enjoy!!!

about an hour before the boys were born, ron made it just in time..

my first glimpse of little ronnie

working on joey

holding ronnie in the nursery

holding joey (little frog) in the nursery


ronnie n dad

joey's 1st day home

picking up ronnie

ronnie's 1st day home

the boys together again

so tiny in their bouncy seats

joey napping with daddy

ronnie napping with daddy

all the boys napping (hmmmm.somebody sure got a lot of naps, haha)

mommy and her boys

ronnie after his bath

little sleepers

loving my little guys

joey getting to know walter

the boys

football season begins..the boys were a little excited :)

joey and ronnie's feet

ronnie being a thug (i've talked to him about this ;)

sweet little ones

my sweet little chunkster

beautiful joey

chunky monkeys

daddy and his (getting really big) boys

joe the tummy time champ

WE GOT A NEW CAMERA!! all of the previous photos were from my phone..I love our new camera so much, almost every day ron comes home and i have taken over 100 pics, haha..they are just so photogenic :)

the big boys in their bouncy seats (supporting daddy's academy of rock)

joey, the drool machine

ronnie's beautiful eyes

watching football with daddy (believe me, its very rare for them to sit in front of the TV)

play time boys

our first halloween

daddy with joey the giraffe

ronnie monkey

joey in all of his ducky gear

loving the jojo

ronnie the little drummer boy

joey voted...and drooled

ronnie loves the jumperoo (thank you aunt eileen:)

and he REALLY loves his bath, I mean REALLY

my perfect little guys