Saturday, July 11, 2009

long time, no blog ;)

we're back!! i hope for a little while at least i will be better about just all builds up, and then there is a lot of catching up to do! whew! And in case you didn't know..things have been BUSY..
firstly...we have 2 walkers!!

those were when they both it's pretty much all they do :) i think its so funny that both of their first walking video's they are wearing the same shirt..haha, i guess that was the lucky walking shirt!
Otherwise we are doing very well. Just as I said very busy. Ron is full swing with the summer semester of the Academy of Rock and that has kept him very busy. In fact at this moment, we are in Nags Head where a few of the Academy bands had a gig (which is why i have time..I'm in a room with 2 sleeping babies..not much else i can do ;)
I am doing well. I guess I have not yet made a baby #3 update! really has been a while! hahaha
sooooo, we found out who is living in my belly :)

And HER name is Audrey Susan :) Its a girl! and we are thrilled of course. Not that i wouldn't have been thrilled with a boy..I think boys ROCK! But I was beginning to feel like I would be letting everybody down if it wasn't a girl! haha.
This pregnancy is faaaa-lying by. I turned 27 weeks today, meaning in a few days i will be in the 3rd trimester..What really freaks me out is that in just 3 weeks I will be 30 weeks, and that is when I had the boys...whew. My doctor tells me not to worry though..different pregnancy, not twins..So i'll do my best to not worry, but anyone who knows me, knows that is easier said than done ;) I feel pretty great though..getting big, but feeling good...except when I sleep...just like last time I am having the TERRIBLE hip pain/leg cramps..ah well..I still love it :)
And this little lady is a wild thing! She moves non stop! I adore every movement was so funny, this morning Joey was watching Sesame street with his head on my belly, and she was kicking like usual, and for the first time...he felt it, and got up, and turned around and looked at my belly like "what gives?" haha.

Well, I guess I should catch up with pictures now...for those on Facebook...most are repeats :)
I left off right before we went to the beach with the Lowder family..It was a blast as usual, and the boys had such a great time with their cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles..

joey and daddy

Ronnie's first sand experience

Joey's first sand experience

jojo and uncle sean

the boys spending time with Aunt Heather and cousin Piper

We had rain the first couple of we hit the aquarium..they LOVED it, especially Ronnie. I knew after the Living Museum visit he would love it.

Ronnie almost got eaten!

Cousin Ethan entertaining the fellas with a puppet show :)

looking out the window with Aunt Allison and Grandma Maureen

Enjoying the company of Aunt Jess and Cousin Isabella

Joey LOVES the beach

and loves to eat the beach...the entire beach..well, he tries

the ol sunscreen mohawk

When we came home from the beach, the fun didn't stop :) We took the boys to meet Brobee from their favorite show (and the only thing they actually like to watch) Yo Gabba Gabba

This was...23/24 ish weeks?

Here is one of my fave pics ever :) It was taken as a gift for Ron on fathers day so he could replace the pic on his desk at the studio..which was from about 5 months?

then along the same lines, their fourth of July pics

Walkin boys!

my guys

Well, Im was not easy getting these two boys down to sleep a strange place, by myself...and the traffic getting in here today added an extra hour (or more) to our trip...
SO, I think I will hit the hay...
with the promise that I INTEND to, I will at least try to update much more often :)

Love to all,
Nora, Ron, Ronnie, Joey