Monday, February 25, 2008

aaaand...we're back

sooo, it took me forever to get everything together to finally post, work, studying, dogs doesn't leave much time for computer hijinks!

We had our "big ultrasound" 2 Thursdays ago, and learned that we are in fact going to having 2 boys! Baby B finally became a little less shy and we got a perfect look

Otherwise everything looked great! It was our first anatomy scan, and they check all of the organs, the spine, and the lengths of bones. Everything was looking great. So we are thrilled, of course!

I have been feeling a ton more, from both boys. It is probably the most amazing thing I have ever felt, and I can't wait to just sit down every evening so I can just sit and feel them kicking, punching and just moving around.

I wen to Annapolis this weekend to spend the weekend with Dave and Deirdre. It is Dave's B-day this week. We went into DC, to go to museums and I felt like an old lady! We walked around for 4 hours, and Dave kept joking about getting me a wheelchair, I almost took him up on it! I guess that extra 17 pounds I've gained so far is weighing me down!
(oh yeah, more belly pics later).
For now here are some more inside of the belly pics!

Both boys heads (B is smaller because he was further back)

My Skeletor baby A..kinda creepy, but I think its adorable!

Skeletor baby B...just precious, huh?

My favorite from this session, baby b's first foot print :)

More soon, promise ;)
and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aunt Kimmie (today) and Uncle Dave (tomorrow)!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

belly pics..

okay, so i have gotten a couple of requests to see the big ol belly so here we go!
Also, I have been miserably sick the last few days..having a cold while pregnant stinks!!!!
this first pic is in the beginning, i was only 6 weeks, and just a little bloated, really..

this picture was taken yesterday when i turned 17 weeks, i think its gotten a bit bigger ;)

please excuse the messy room in the background, it seems when ever its picture time, its also time for the dogs to run around like maniacs through the room!