Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finally!! The Birthday Weekend :)

Sorry it took me so long to get this in..things have been hectic, with the great birthday weekend last week, then having to get ready for a week vacation at the beach this weekend.
The festivities got started last Thursday when Uncle Doug made his way into town from Switzerland (via a stop in MD). I was so glad for the boys to get some quality Uncle Doug time, since they have not seen him since they were 2 months old (things have changed a little bit ;)

First Visit in July '08, holding joey

Last weekend, holding Joey (and looking like they got caught plotting how to get away with stealing ronnie's cupcake)

So, then on Friday..Aunt Sarah and Uncle Luke flew in from Florida. They jumped in and started helping me get ready right away..and although I kept warning them that I have to go to bed early, and we wouldn't be able to stay up late talking like in the old days, I still ended up staying up sooo late every night, but had a great time :)
Saturday morning the boys woke up Aunt Sarah and Uncle Luke by crawling into their air mattress on the living room floor (such glamourous accommodations). Then everybody really kicked into gear and helped me so much..Thanks so much to Doug, Sarah and (super cleaner/decorator man) Luke for making everything perfect!

Uncle Dave and Aunt Deirdre soon arrived with the sweet little Henry man, and soon after, Granddad and Grandma Carol showed up. Ron got home from work and the Lowders and Aunt Jess followed shortly after, then the party got started :) Other than a parking issue thanks to a butthead neighbor..everything was wonderful.

Ronnie knows fun is about to ensue

Ronnie meeting the party monkey

Joey wants to meet Mr. Monkey too

Uncle Dave and Aunt Sarah (awww, i love my family :)

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Luke

Uncle Dave feeding little Henry

Joey and Grandma Maureen talking to the Rons

Joey with Granddad and Grandma Carol

Ronnie ready to break into the gifts!!

Joey wants to join in on the fun :)

The boys with all of their loot (thank you everybody!!!)

Uncle Doug with his partner in crime

Ronnie is not too sure about his rocking elephant

Joey LOVES his rocking giraffe

Ronnie tries the elephant again, it doesn't go so well (he has since fallen in love, and it is hard to pry him off the thing)


I love my messy cupcake boys :)

The happy (and in daddy's case-sleepy) family :)

The Robinsons

It was so funny at the end of the day, Henry became inthralled with his Uncle Ron..he would not break his gaze...until he pooped! haha

Joey wanted to get to know cousin Henry

After the party we had an "after party" at our favorite mexican place..GREAT TIME! (and the boys did so great, even though they were exhausted)

Joey with Daddy and Grandpa

Ronnie must have told a great joke :)

it was really funny

jojo wasn't sure that it was THAT funny

Joey getting daddy kisses

The boys fell asleep on the way home, but woke up as soon as we got there, and they thought it was playtime!

The next morning was Mother's day. It was perfect :) Ron let me sleep in (for the first time in a year!!!) and went out and got me a beautiful bouquet and some wonderful fresh fruit for breakfast. Unfortunately, Uncle Doug had to leave that was so great to spend time with him, and have his help. I know the boys missed him.
So, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Luke joined us for a Mother's day trip to Busch Gardens (the boys first time:)

There is a new Sesame Street attraction, and we had a great time..we rode the boats there...

And watched the characters dance :) Joey loved it!

Ronnie's favorite way to see the park was by his flying technique

Joey checking out Aunt Sarah

Joey was also fascinated by watching the he watching Apollo's Chariot

Then we checked out the Clydesdales

Ronnie started getting a little sleepy...

but, was soon revived by daddy's funny faces

All in all a wonderful day at the park...and a perfect Mother's day :)

The next morning was the big day!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE GUYS!!
we had to take Sarah and Luke to the airport in Richmond..we needed a bite to eat, so we stopped at Aunt Sarah's (haha)

AND the boys had their first bites of pancake

Ronnie got a daddy kiss for his birthday :)

The boys were a bit full after a bottle and pancakes with a little bit of grits..

After a great breakfast we had planned on going to the zoo in Richmond, but the weather was not helping out with our plans..but we still wanted to do something special for the boys' birthday , so we went back home and decided to check out the Living Museum. I am SO glad we did! It was great. We only got to see the indoor exhibits, but there was plenty for the boys to see. It's amazing how exciting it can be to see a bunch of local fish, when you are with a couple of one year olds :)

The boys loved it..trying to catch the fish...

Joey's favorite part by far was the log..haha, its a log you can crawl around in, and most of the time we were there it was swarmed by a ton of kids..but we got a moment all to ourselves..

Ronnie though, was not so sure..

It's funny, I have no idea why he didn't like it so much..but, thats never know what he's gonna love, or love not so much ;)
One thing we do know that he loves is flying to keep him happy while jojo kept exploring the log, daddy flew him around :)

He did a little better when he could see his brother though

When it comes to Ronnie, a little jojo makes everything better :)

When we got home, I decided to try and take some "birthday pics" of the boys..their nap schedule's were a bit cooky from the fun day, and crazy weekend.. so to keep them happy I put on the birthday episode of Yo Gabba Gabba..which is why Joey looks a bit Zombieish, haha

Joey standing on his own! They are both trying to do this all the time now. Ronnie even tried to take a step the other day..didn't work out quite yet..but I know it won't be long :)

and now the diaper pics :)

Ronnie at 6 months

Ronnie at 1 year

Joey at 6 months

Joey at 1 year

I was better about the pair pics :)

The boys at 1 month

3 months

6 months

9 months (the boys switched sides, and since it was next to impossible to get them to stay still for any period of time..I take what I can get! haha

And 1 year :)

Its amazing how far we have come :)
I can't believe how well my boys have done. I am so proud. They have turned into the sweetest, funnest guys to be around. They brighten my everyday, and make it all worth while.
Thank you all again for being there for us this year..we couldn't have done it without such amazing friends and family.
Love to all!
Nora, Ron, Ronnie, and Joey