Thursday, April 16, 2009

to have a preemie....

If you didn't see this on my Facebook notes...I wanted to post it here too, because it meant so much to me. It was from an email from my local chapter of the March of Dimes..
This cause means so much to me personally..and this says it perfectly..

Imagine...finally seeing 2 lines on the hundredth pregnancy test you took but still being afraid to tell anyone the good news.

Imagine...being on bed rest for the duration of your pregnancy knowing that every week, every day, every hour counts.

Imagine…having no one congratulate you on the birth of your child because of the fear she might not survive.

Imagine… the pain of seeing other babies dying in the NICU and thanking God that it’s not yours.

Imagine...having a battery of tests done to determine why you had a premature baby - only to find that there are no reasons why.

Imagine…leaving the hospital with empty arms, no balloons, no flowers, no baby.

Imagine...finally learning the joy of bringing your baby home only to find out that prematurity doesn't end at the NICU doors.

Imagine finding the March of Dimes and realizing there is an organization that is dedicated to reaching the day when every baby will be born healthy!

the first time i held the boys together in the hospital....i think they were about 2 weeks old

and with the easter bunny, c=since i didn't get to include it on the last post..and it shows how much they have grown :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


haha! finally (hopefully) I will get this post done. I have been trying for quite a while, but the way things are moving in this house these days...I don't have too much time to sit in front of the computer :)
Biggest updates are :

-Both boys are crawling machines..they move so fast, it is hard to keep up!

-They are also pulling up on everything to stand and trying to climb up everything. (Joey can climb the entire staircase! of course the only times he has done it, I have been right behind him;)

-We have been through our first ear infections with both boys, and pink eye with Ronnie

-We are now suffering through our millionth colds of the season. (so this is what it's like to have kids, haha)

-The boys are well on their way to eating new foods :) We have started very slow due to their tummy troubles, but everything has been handled pretty well. They are even feeding themselves their "puffs" and working on sippy cups.

-Sleep...well, ahhhhhh we'll talk about that next time, haha...with all of the boys' issues lately with teething (oh yeah 5 teeth, on the way to 6 for both boys), colds, ear infections, eye infections..sleep training has been put on the back burner..but we will get there :)

-As you might have seen from my previous "updates" (March of Dimes cards) we are doing the March for Babies in a couple of weeks and we are so excited. We are so so lucky that our preemie boys have grown so strong and healthy, and we are thrilled to have the chance to hive back and help more babies get that chance to grow healthy and strong.

-We celebrated the boys first Easter, which was a blast :) Visited the Easter Bunny, had Easter baskets..It was so much fun :)

-We are less than a month away from the boys' first birthday, I can't believe we are already here..this year has been amazing ;)

-There is also a beautiful new member of the extended family :) Uncle Dave and Aunt Deirdre welcomed Henry Joseph Robinson on April 3rd. He is a perfect little guy, and we are so happy that the boys have such an awesome little cousin :)

Now....the pictures :)

Since we have had some wonderful beautiful days here recently..we have spent a lot of time at the swings down the street...

all that fun is hard work :)

ronnie couldn't get enough..he wants back out

and....back to the swings :)

the boys actually love swinging together..soon they won't be able to do this :( so we are trying to do it now as much as we can

ronnie's favorite thing in the world..

joey enjoying the sunshine (and his adorable curls)

first drum lessons..joey really is going to be a drummer...he's a natural

the crazy crawlers

sweet joey

my standing man

hmm.. surprise, ronnie's upside down again, haha

daddy was home for spring break for a few days, and we all LOVED it :)

trying daddy's hat on for size...

Our nice Easter shots before we went to meet the Bunny...

getting those boys to stop moving around is next to impossible, but I love this shot even though it's fuzzy.
This really says it all about the boys' relationship these days, they are best friends :)

After the bunny, some quality time with daddy..

The big day wore Ronnie out

we got home and had big bottles..well, the boys did, haha

Enjoying our new high chair booster seats (Thank You Aunt Polly!!!)

Showin off our booties..oh and our standing skills ;)

Daddy got some spring cleaning done, and the boys watched intently :)

Ronnie tried to catch the vacuum (which he hates with a passion when it is inside)

Our first Easter morning!!

checkin out the baskets..

another fuzzy shot, but I love how happy they are in this pic..this was how they were all Easter was so much fun:)

The Easter eggs had puffs hidden inside..and the boys loved to shake them, and were even happier when they accidentally opened them :)

Checkin out the bunny :)

Aunt Kimmie came by and although Ronnie was unsure at first...he soon was impossible to tear away from her :)

When she tried to leave, he pulled his patented move of crawling up to legs and begging to be picked up..He didn't want her to leave :)

And beautiful, handsome, nephew..Henry

Feeding through his finger tube..pretty cool!

Some of my favorite people in the world...the happy family

Oh and we do have one last update :)
Joey wants to introduce his new brother or sister..joining the family in October :)
(this pic is older, i do have new pics, but still have to scan them in..and well...we all know how long this post took to get in, haha)

Hopefully more soon!!!!
Love to all,
Nora, Ron, Ronnie, and Joey (and baby 3 ;)