Thursday, March 27, 2008

24 weeks 1 day!

Its a nice place to be! I can't believe we are this far already. I had a doctor's appointment today, and am now on strict orders to cut back working severely. At the last appointment he told me to cut back to 24 hours a week, which I was going to do, I promise ;). Today, though he was pretty adamant that I work no more than 15 hours a week. He said that 24-28 weeks is a very critical time, and when I am not working, I must be relaxing. Oh darn.
So, I called work already and told them, and I have spent the rest of my day cleaning the house. I PROMISE I will relax tonight though! I have to watch last weeks Lost, and tonight's, so I have a lot of couch time coming up ;). 

We didn't have an ultrasound this week, we will next week. The monkey's are pretty active though, so I feel fine. 
I do have some pics from our last ultrasound that I have to add, which I will do right now! 

These were all from 21 weeks..
Here is Baby A, who is always cooperative with the picture taking (which I don't understand, because he is usually the wild one)
He has such a cute button nose :)

Here he is 4D, you can see him so well, because he was asleep..but he is just adorable :)

And here is my little Baby B, Baby A was kicking him in the head, so he was getting frustrated, and kept moving, so his picture looks a little freaky :)

I am getting so much bigger all of the time, strangers keep asking me when I'm due, and saying I must be due any day now. Here is a pic of me on Easter, but this is actually pretty slimming.

Updates will come much more frequently now that I am going to actually be home more. So don't stop looking please!
Much Love to all!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

sorry for the delay :)

Sorry, everybody for the delay in updating! Things were crazy at work for a little bit, and now I have an exam to study for...hence, delay!
Just a quick update without the pics this time. We are all doing great! I have gone back to being really tired again (another reason for delay ;) Last night I came home from work, and fell asleep on my bed in my scrubs for 2 hours, all the while the dogs were wrestling around me...Im pretty tired if that didn't bother me.
The boys are doing great, they are moving more and more everyday, and I am beginning to get the feeling that they never sleep, so I am trying to mentally prepare for that ;)
Ron is super busy with the Academy, in fact he is in the planning stages of opening up the Academy of Rock Music East at Alpha Music in Va Beach coming this summer (yeah, we are going to have a pretty busy summer). The classes are already filling up.
Right now we have our great friends Erik and Kela in from Hawaii with their lovely daughters Teilor and Heiden. So we are going to spend as much time with them as possible until they leave, so the pics from our last ultrasound (and more belly pics) will be posted soon. But, I gotta say with an exam, March Madness, and friends in town, it might be just a bit, but I'll do my best!

In the mean time watch No Country for Old Men, we just watched it last night and it blew me away. Javier Bardem's performance was one of the more Oscar worthy performances I have ever seen.

More soon (ish) :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

20 weeks belly pic.. it is, yikes! At work I was told it looked like I swallowed a volley ball one night, and then this belly was there. haha.
Yeah, and I've still got about 3 months to go! I have to admit I love it though :)