Wednesday, July 30, 2008

pictures of the last few days...

sorry for the back up..the boys have kept me pretty nonstop busy. tummy issues are not fun :(
a call is in to the chkd gi doc, so we shall see if we can't make these little monkey's feel better.

so here are a few pics from the last few days..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

picture of the day

well, pictures of the day..
1st week home (3 weeks old) and today (11 weeks old)

Friday, July 25, 2008

whoa baby

soo..we went to the doctor for our 2nd set of 2 month shots, and a weight check.
holy moly, am i proud of those boys..
ronnie- 7lbs 8 oz
joey- 8 lbs 1 oz!!

ronnie is a little less probably due to the fact that he still eats less thanks to his throw-up issues, BUT since our last appt. he has gained exactly 1 oz per day, which is the high end of normal! joey on the other hand is a big pig, so he is doing remarkably well :)
the doc was thrilled! the rest of the appt was just shots :( which made for a long afternoon of cranky, sore babies.
i got a chance to get out and get a new mommy haircut..

then in between soothing super cranky babies, i got to do my daily cleaning (vacuum, pet hair roll the couch, sweep/mop kitchen, clean kitchen, change sheets that have spit up/baby pee on them)
people wonder why i have to do that stuff everyday..well, i want the cleanest environment possible for my boys, and frankly all of the dog hair drives me batty..
i mean, this picture is our previously empty vacuum after vacuuming one room in our house
( i said i vacuum everyday, so i had just done it the day before)
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hmmm, i don't see any guilty parties here, do you?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

you have to laugh

i posted this on my favorite message if you are from the board..sorry for the repeat!!!

so my day today has been a comedy of errors..
little ronnie has had such a crappy couple of days..throwing up a ton, so i called the GI doc, and we are putting him back on EES..but that is not my point..just the beginning..
so at the 12 feeding ronnie had a big ol puke on me while i was holding him the obligatory 30 minutes..
so i sat there with puke on me, while i waited for the 30 minutes to be up..
afterwards i got up and changed, and got ready to change/feed joey
when i changed poor little jo jo i noticed he has wicked diaper i cleaned him up and wanted him to be able to air dry, so i took a cloth diaper for my lap, and a washcloth to cover the wee wee..and started feeding (well, first i sat on the bottle and formula leaked all over my butt).
then while he was on my lap, he starts pooping, i frantically try to gather it in the cloth diaper, but get it all over my lap, and him.
so i take him to the changing table to clean up, and en route he starts spraying pee everywhere..all over me, all over his face.
so, i clean him up, but decide to get the baby bath so i can spray his little poopy booty down (i used the nasal aspirator, how handy!)
and then i lay a towel on the floor and still want his butt to air, so i wrap his bottom half in the towel and continue feeding, and while i am breaking mid feed to add more to the bottle..wham! more pee..another shot to his face, another onesie changed..
at this point with the stress of little ronnie puking so much, and the hour it has taken to feed joey, and the 3 hours of sleep last night..i am just going back and forth between laughing and crying..
i finally settled on laughing..i think we need to laugh to get through the day sometimes :)
oh and on a side note...i just peeked over at joey in the pack n play, where i had him airing out again...what do i find?
a big ol pee pen..
ahhhhhhhhhhhh motherhood :)
i've got some cleaning to do!

here was the culprit relaxing afterwards..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

picture of the day

so, things are super busy, as usual...but just so everybody can see the day to day changes, i wanted to at least try to post a pic each here is round one!

a sleepy chorus

Thursday, July 17, 2008

cutest ever? the beginning of this little nap was not so cute. first, after eating, ronnie threw up on me twice, and all over the floor..but then as he fell asleep in my arms..he laughed. he has been starting to do that in his sleep. usually i just hear it and don't see his face, so i wasn't sure if it was a laugh.but sure enough, i look down at his sleeping face and he's smiling and laughing. too daggone cute.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a day in the life....

i thought it would be interesting to record here what i do all day, just to give you all an idea :)
this day was tuesday 7.15.08

6am fed both boys, held joey 20 minutes, then put him back in the bouncy seat (both boy are sleeping in these right now because reflux makes it so hard to be n their backs), fed ronnie and held him until 7:30, so probably about 45 minutes.
Ronnie peed on his pajamas while being changed, so i put new ones on. .one of my favorite outfits..his bear pajamas from gymboree..and it is super tight! yikes, they are getting so big.

7:30 back to bed to get just a tiny bit more sleep..

9:30 woke up to babies crying, ron leaving for work (im sure he was sad to go then..haha) bottles ready, fed in bed. turned on the TV (usually i go into the office and watch TV because it helps to keep me alert while feeding, but when ron is gone I can watch the tv in bed). i think we watched bringing home home baby..i don't know how i can still watch all of those shows, but i do, haha.

held both boys for half hour each..

11 am enjoyed (very much) a cup of coffee and read the boys a book, because they were both so alert

11:30 ronnie had a nice big ol poop, which was great because i was going to call the doc today if he didn' had been 2 days, and he was acting very uncomfortable, and since he is eating food with iron, and thickening food with rice cereal with iron, i was a bit concerned that was making him constipated. i was so excited i was singing too him about his poop..the things motherhood does to you!
after the poop!

12 pm took a shower, but both boys were very antsy, so it was a short one, so we could get bottles ready again

12:30 fed joey.held for a half hour
1pm fed ronnie..kangaroo'ed him for about an hour after (oh yeah, i have given up the every two hour feeding for now..yesterday he showed me how much he didn't want to be woken up from naps to eat, by spitting out most of what i tried to feed him..sooo instead i am taking longer to feed him,and holding him longer..

2 pm put ronnie down to join joey in the pack n play for a nap..they will only sleep on their bellies right now, so i have to monitor them the whole time.
finally ate breakfast..haha

2:30 took the dogs out really quick to pee
started on some laundry
cleaned kitchen
began lengthy task of cleaning bottles..the one thing that takes up waaaay too much time.

3:15 called grandma to tell her she could take her time (she was coming over to watch the boys while i ran to babies r us) because the boys were sleeping so good..
3:30 both boys wake up at the same time..screaming ensues, scramble to get bottles ready
feed ronnie first, give joey a little bit of his bottle while he is sitting up on his boppy pillow to tide him over.
3:45 grandma gets here, hold ronnie for me while i finish feeding joey

4:45 leave to run my errands (ups/babies r us/coffee ;)

6:15 home to very fussy (hungry) babies, fed ronnie, grandma held him, then fed joey
7:30 grandma leaves, i get back to work...finish cleaning bottles and do another load of laundry
i realize that i never ate lunch, and eat a pickle (nutritious!)
the boys are relaxing in their bouncey seats..joey is asleep and ronnie is in "take it all in" mode...just looking around
so i take some time to sit down and chat with him....i really want to clean our bathroom..but these moments of being alert i really love and want to take advantage of.

8 pm ron gets home, we start watching the all star game..and shortly after ronnie gets fussy, so i get the bath ready and bathe both boys...which is so much fun, for me at least :)

9pm feed both boys.yet again ;)
after they eat i lay them down in the pack n play on their bellies, because we will be right there watching the game
9:30 eat dinner (ron's awesome chicken nachos)! things were timed well tonight, so i don't have to hold a baby while eating...oh simple pleasures :)
after dinner wash bottles again
figure when the game is over we'll take the boys upstairs to feed before bed..
well...the game doesn't end until after 1, and ronnie started fussing while i was still cleaning
12 am fed the boys downstairs, took the upstairs to watch the rest of the game..

2 am finally went to sleep, they are in their bouncy seats right next to my side of the bed
3 am..time to eat!
4:30ish, back in bed
6 am..time to eat!!!
7:30ish back in bed, let ronnie sleep on my chest because he was throwing up..
8:30 time to eat!!!
make some coffee and start the day!

well there you have it..last night was actually kind of a long one...they have been sleeping at least 4 hours once a night and as much as 5 hours, but they must have decided i was too well rested :)

im gonna add pics to go with the story later today..

Happy Birthday!!!

Well, today is the boys due date! I can finally start expecting to see milestones that normal babies reach. I have been so excited for this day.
I know my boys are exceptional (every parent says that i guess), and will reach many of the milestones early, but i understand that a preemies, their little bodies weren't ready to be born yet, so they still had some developing to do out side of the womb.
For those that don't know preemie lingo, it is "actual age" vs "adjusted age". so as of today my babies aren't preemies anymore! ;) well, not really..they will always be preemies, and some babies don't catch up until even 2 years of age, but i have a feeling these boys will be caught up in no time!
So as much as I would have loved for my boys to grow in utero for a long as possible..I can't imagine having both of them in there at this would be like having a 14 lb baby! and, i must say now that they are here, i can't imagine life without them. there have been some tough times, but we have gotten through it together. These two boys are so remarkably strong, and their strength as given me strength to get through it get here, my babies" birthday"

Sunday, July 13, 2008

the haps..

i have a minute before time to eat again, so i just wanted to update everybody on what has been going on with the boys these days.
well, we had a lot of visitors last all weekend
Friday brought Aunt Sarah from Florida, Grandpa and Carol.
Saturday brought Uncle Doug from Switzerland. We had a great time watching Classic Albums, Tennis and feeding babies of course. Aunt Sarah had to leave Sunday, but we hope she will be back very soon! Uncle Doug was here until Wednesday, and it was a great help, and awesome to have company for all of my usual housebound routines.

Joey became increasingly fussy through the beginning of the week, and was having trouble pooping, so we went to the doc on Tuesday even though we had an appt for Friday. We changed formula's (thank goodness) to a hypoallergenic formula. Within 2 days he was a million times better.
Wednesday..eye doc, both boys look great so far! post partum problems
Friday..GI appt for both boys..sooo informative! It looks like both boys have reflux (which we knew of course), and they are both milk allergic, therefor allergic to their previous formula, causing allergic colitis in Joey (hence, trouble pooping) and a bad rash and lots of throw up for Ronnie.
So, the change in formula was the way to go.
We also had our two month with the pediatrician..which meant...shots! I know it hurts me so much more than it hurts them. Boy oh boy did they sleep well Friday night, though.
Joey has gotten much better, but poor little Ronnie still has a ways to go, i think. His spit ups have gotten worse, so I think we will try less food more often next, so basically it will be...feed ronnie, hold him 30 minutes, feed joey, hold 30 minutes then time to feed ronnie again! whew!
the things we do for love :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

thankful part II

sorry for the delay, things have been busy busy..daddy is back at work, and we have had family visits and doctors appointments galore..will update specifics later..

but for now giving thanks through visuals..

ronnie 6 lb 10 oz

joey 6 lb 12 oz

funny faces

comfy places

multi tasking

first drum lessons


being clean

a good burp

dads who change diapers

guard dogs

previews to smiles

and previews to annoyed looks (awww mom)

and of course again, im just thankful for being a mom