Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas pt. 2/Happy New Year/We'll see how long this nap lasts

Soooo, I will try to get this update in quickly before the fellas wake up from their nap. For some reason the first nap of the day is the best one..
I keep hearing it's supposed to be the 2nd one..but the boys never got that memo. Its fine with me, I like this time to myself in the morning. Its kind of relax time. When they actually nap for any longer than 30 minutes in the afternoon, I feel like I should get stuff done, but this nice 1-1.5 hour nap in the morning lets me do email, shower, read, drink lots of coffee and just unwind and mentally prepare for the struggle of the next nap in a few hours, haha.
The boys are doing well right now. Its no surprise schedules were a bit wacko from the holidays, and because of that they actually slept through the night that makes twice in just about 8 months..wooo!! It was nice, i just wish that night I had gone to bed before 1am, so I would have gotten more than 5 hours sleep! New Years day they decided they would not nap at all..I guess they were just excited thinking about everything they are going to do this year :)
It seems like they might be back on some sort of normal schedule yay! Time for me to mess it all up again :) Some changes are coming...gonna try solids again next week, I am going to try to move out of the nursery soon (although Ron is the one who is more hesitant, because he likes sleeping with the dogs so much!). Then, the much dreaded sleep training!!! I am still not sure how much I will do. I know I need to break them of the habit of falling asleep with the bottle, and have to let them learn to fall asleep on their own, but its so hard to determine when is the right time, and when their health issues are resolved enough.

***both boys are awake now, so i will make this fast while i watch some tummy time***

i just took these with the webcam :)

and ronnie is working on sitting up..

Christmas :)

on christmas eve daddy reading twas the night before christmas

the tree

our first stockings

daddy testing out the toy piano

ron putting together the crawl and cruise

the tree on our first family christmas morning :)

ronnie was slightly excited

opening the 1st present

and enjoying the paper

joey opening one of his many books

joey loves his giraffe mat

and ronnie loves his monkey mat

ronnie also loves his feet

i think the family favorite is the piano..

the pile of presents at the grandparents house..

in the new chairs :)

the boys got a little scared by the many camera flashes as they posed in their chairs, but they had each other for comfort ;)

ronnie's favorite gift=wrapping paper

drums were a hit too :)

aunt jess with ronnie

joey and grandma

joey and grandpa

aunt kimmie with the boys..and yes ronnie had to have a wardrobe change..his tummy didn't even give him a break on christmas!

aunt jess and uncle sean entertain the fellas

joey practicing tummy time

ronnie thinking back on the great week "i could kinda get used to this christmas thing"

ronnie could not get to sleep..poor thing was more tired than i have ever seen him, but he was very pleasant, which was amazing..i think he was too tired to fuss :)

the christmas booty

daddy and the boys playing with all of the goods

while i was writing this the boys have been on the move...not crawling, but rolling all around the room..its pretty awesome :)

whew! marathon holiday post done!
I hope everyone had a great holiday, and a very very happy new year...I know we have some amazing stuff to come, and
I am so excited and happy we have such wonderful people around us to share it with!
Love to all!