Thursday, October 8, 2009

she's here!

Im trying to sneak a moment while all 3 babies are napping ;)
Miss Audrey Susan Lowder was born a week ago today 10.01.09 at 8:50 am. We are thrilled, in love, tired, not entirely overwhelmed, and just having a great time with our new family.
Last Wednesday night was pretty normal, and we were resigned to the fact that I was not going to go into labor, and we would have our scheduled c-section on Monday the 5th. I went to bed before Ron, and woke up at about 1. He was in bed at that point watching Back to the Future. I woke thinking I had to pee...BUT..ah wouldn't stop, and every movement I made, more came out. I was a bit in shock, and turned to Ron. He said "are you okay"? I said "I think we have to go" he said "go where"? hahaha, because there are other places we could go at 1 am with the boys asleep, and we are in bed.
So, I called the on call..who of course told me to go to L&D..but cleared me to take a shower before hand. Ron called Grandma and told her to come on over to watch the boys..I finished throwing stuff in my hospital bag, even put on a little make-up (because I have always been jealous of how awesome some ladies look in their labor/first pics with baby pictures) and we were on our way. Poor Ron was EXHAUSTED already, i had slept for 2 hours..but he had yet to go to sleep. We got there, and were sent straight to triage in L& took forever for someone to come in, and even though I wasn't yet in real pain...the contractions were starting, and I was still leaking..which was just so uncomfortable. Finally, I got hooked up...everything looked great with the baby, and soon enough a resident came in to check everything out. It was funny..she said "okay, we're gonna do a test to rule out rupture", Ron and I looked at each other and when she left the room we both said "what? rule out rupture? WE KNOW I ruptured, haha..I'm pretty sure I have never peed that much in my life, and unless I have lost all bladder was my water.
She started the exam and said "oh yeah, you've ruptured, I don't even need to test this" Yeah, no kidding.
She then did a digital internal exam (digital as in fingers)..and she said I was 6cm and 80 % effaced..HOLY COW, really??!!
She then went to talk to the chief resident, and came back to talk to me..really suggesting me to change my mind and go back to attempting a VBAC, because I was so far along. I waffled about it, but decided I would let the chief resident check me to see if she thought physically I could attempt a VBAC (there was some question about my bone structure, that is why we scheduled the c-section).
The chief resident came to check me, and I was so thrilled to see it was the same doc who did my c-section with the boys :) She was very sweet and caring..I knew she would take care of me. SOOOO, she checks me and low and behold..I am actually only 1-2 cm and 70%, hahaha and she said she would definitely recommend the section based on my pelvic bone structure.
She seemed so annoyed with the other resident, I didn't really care, I just needed someone to help me with that I was glad to have the confirmation.
I guess with all of the checking me, and stirring things up, my body started kicking into gear..the contractions started picking up, and when I say picking up, I mean became excruciating. I knew it was gonna be a while, because there were 2 sections ahead of me. So, they gave me some IV pain meds, which helped for about 30 minutes. All the while Ron was sleeping in his chair with his head on the foot of my bed. Soon enough the meds wore off, and it was even worse than when i requested the drugs. Now here is where I offer great praise and adoration for any woman who has done a natural childbirth..all I could think about in that time was making that pain stop. I was literally screaming, crying, and begging to anyone, and no one to help me.
Ron slept through most of it, hahaha...he did wake up every once in a while to rub my legs (which somehow helped) and to tell me I was doing great. The nurses were great..they took me very seriously, and knew I was in great then came the decision as to whether give me an epidural or wait until I was in surgery and just do the spinal. The anesthesiologist came in any pretty quickly decided to just do the epidural to help me ASAP. THANK GOD FOR HER :) She was actually the same anesthesiologist who took 3 tries to get my spinal last time..she was still training then, and a year has done her great..she did perfect!
After that...whew! it was a breeze, I started calling people, texting, and soon enough they came in to get us ready.

We got into the operating room, and I was shaking so much from the epidural that I could not hold anything still..I still don't know how they cut me, because I could see my lower body shaking too! Ron came in and we were on the way. Just like last time, it went so fast, but this time I remember everything much better :) and just like last time, they didn't tell me a thing, which I loved. I always see on baby shows where they say exactly what they are doing, and ya know what? I don't want to hear that you are cutting the skin, cutting the uterus, etc. I don't want to hear that "you will feel some pressure" because I think that makes you brace more for it, and probably feel worse. I didn't feel a thing either time. Soon they said "baby is almost out" and as they said that we could hear her crying..before she was even out, haha. She sounded just like a cat..a cat being tortured, but a cat nonetheless, haha.
They lifted her for Ron to see, and took her over to the warmer. I could hear everyone just raving about her, and the anesthesiologist kept giving me a running commentary of everything..and she told Ron to go over and take pictures

He showed me the pics, and I could not believe how beautiful she was :)
I heard the Docs talking and saying that her APGAR scores were 9 and 9, and that they had considered giving her a 10. The anesthesiologist told me that she had never heard them come close to giving a baby a 10 :) awesome!
Then the doc brought her over to Ron to hold.

Soon enough they were all done, and wheeling me into recovery. My beautiful girl was there waiting for me, long enough for me to give her a kiss, then she was off to the nursery to go under the warmer for a bit longer. Ron went to watch her get her first bath and get weighed, while I just relaxed in recovery, with my pain meds ;)
When he came back and told me she was 7 lbs 10 oz..I was shocked. I knew she was measuring a bit big, but I really wasn't expecting that, after 3 lb was a nice change.
Ron went off to go home, get a shower, a nap, and be with the boys..and I was taken to my room, where they brought my little lady to me. Right away we decided to try breastfeeding, and my little champ was amazing right away..latched on no problem, again...after preemies who I wasn't even able to attempt to feed until 2 weeks old..that was such a great moment for me.
All I could think about was wanting to see my little guys, that afternoon, Ron came back with my best buddies..

Grandma and Grandpa each got some time with Miss Audrey

Aunt Kimmie was there too..she spent most of her time helping to wrangle my crazy monkeys who were trying to pull out my IV, call the nurses, emptying the boxes of sterile gloves, and adjusting my bed for me ;)
The rest of my stay was uneventful. I spent all of my time trying to walk (since I knew that was key to a quick recovery), and feeding and bonding with my girl. I was thrilled to have Uncle Dave come and hang out with me for Friday night and a while on Saturday..and he went and helped Ron finish getting the nursery ready. WE LOVE YOU UNCLE DAVE!! (and thank you for saving me from hospital food twice!!)

Sunday seemed to take forever to get there. I just wanted to get home to my 3 guys, and get my lady home and start a new routine. Finally though, Sunday came, and Ron and the boys came (with help from Grandma) to take Audrey and I home.

and my welcoming committee..

Audrey got settled in pretty quickly

Ronnie has a new best friend :) He really loves her, and gets excited every time he sees her saying "baybee baybee" over and over

Aunt Kimmie got some Audrey time

Audrey and Daddy getting some bonding time..

A gassy smile is still beautiful

I am a bit on the exhausted side..but truly I can't complain about a thing..she sleeps pretty well at night, waking only every 3-4 hours to eat. The boys have been awesome, although it is killing me that I can't lift them at all :( Exhaustion, not getting cleaning done, not being able to do things physically that I want to do..none of that matters..I have the most amazing family, I am blessed beyond words. I am so thankful for my miracles..