Thursday, September 25, 2008

the many faces of..

the many faces of ronnie..(oh, 12 lbs 7 oz at 4 month appt ;)

the many face of joey (13 lbs 3 oz at 4 month appt ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4 months

i cannot believe its been 4 months! its weird, its a combination of "it feels like yesterday" and "i feel like they have been with me forever". things have been a little hectic, i am trying desperately to stick to a real routine, and now am trying to learn the best type of sleep/nap schedules to get the boys on for their health and my sanity ;) (i say as i write this at 5 am). so i will update the last 2 weeks with some pics...

on rons week off we finally took the time to paint the nursery, which we did finish..(that update for a later post)

i never get tired of smiles..joey is joining in more now too..and the boys have really discovered their limbs in the past couple of weeks...they've been dancing like crazy!

ronnie=dance machine

football season has started, and the boys have chosen sides...

except when the jets game was over, joey expanded his loyalties

he and daddy talked about the dominance of the bears defense

ronnie has been sucking his thumb a lot more...i think its adorable

the boys are spending much more awake time just alert and relaxing..its great, we have tons of very interesting conversations

speaking of good conversation..

we got an activity gym last week, and it is definitely our favorite thing so far..joey especially thinks its the bees knees..

sometimes he gets a little too excited..

we went to the GI doc and learned that the boys are super constipated..we have started a new medication, and hopefully that will help
they were soooo good, which is great because i had to take them myself, due to the fact that daddy was sick with food poisoning...yuck

had a super awesome visit with uncle dave and aunt deirdre who haven't seen the boys since they were a day old..

all in all, exciting times! everyday is something new and interesting..and we're having a blast...