Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life as we know it..

Obviously it's been a while ;) So I will *try* to do a quick wrap up, haha

basically this is what we did all summer...

We had an awesome trip to the beach with the Grandparents and and Aunt Kimmie and Kyle..

One of the not so great parts of our summer was that we found out that our poor Ronnie bug is allergic to peanuts :( The doc says there is about a 20% chance of him outgrowing it...we will know more with his next test next year...unfortunately he has also developed asthma (maybe aggravated by his dog allergy) :( We had a scary experience when he had his first cold of the season, and ended up at urgent care and now we have to give him daily breathing treatments...but he is doing great with them!

Also, we did the big switch :P Toddler beds...ah geez...the boys love em...but I can count the number of naps they have taken since the switch on one hand. BUT, they end up in each other's beds a lot of times...which is very, very cute :)

We spent plenty of times with those we love too ;)

Well, that is a short wrap up ;) I will try to do a post Audrey's bday (Oct. 1st) tomorrow, so I can catch up completely..
just want to get the rest of that out..and get the ball rolling on the return of the chronicles :)
LOVE to all!!- the gang


claire said...

I would ask for a blood allergy test as that is more accurate compared to a scratch test where people get false positives from the potency of the peanut on the skin.

Just something i read a while ago!
Hope it's useful

nora said...

ah yeah...i have heard the same thing! he was blood tested last year for eggs when he got the + skin test unfortunately...i think the reason they didn't do the blood this time was the fact that he had a really bad reaction to peanut butter and thats why we got retested :(
hope so much it goes down next year!!

Mrs.McJeep said...

Great update!