Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the sickness

So, I totally meant to update with another nice complete update from the last couple of months...then the sickness descended upon our house :P
Of course my poor little bug got it worst. He confirmed that yep..Asthma is definitely going to be a problem with each cold :( we were holding a tiny bit of hope that last time was just really bad bronchitis. Well, as soon as this cold hit...so did the wheezing..
So we got even more friendly with the ol nebulizer...

He does daily treatments, but when he is sick he needs treatments every four hours....he has gotten SO good, and hold the mask himself (he won't wear the strap around his head :P)..I am so proud of him.

Now poor lil A has it the worst...please excuse the gross pic..but this just says it all about her...snotty as heck, but smiling :)

Well, in light of all of this...I'm of to bed ;) I will try to do a nice update with a bunch of CUTE pics tomorrow or the next day!

1 comment:

Maureen said...

She looks just like you in that picture (minues the snotty nose of course). But it is amazing how much she looks like you!! a Minnie Me of Nora...