Friday, February 11, 2011

Opinions please!!!

Okay, so here are my latest (and hopefully final) ideas about the paint colors for the house..

I just REALLY want other opinions...if you love it, great! If it's not your style, great! If you think it's hideous, great! well, maybe not great , but fine, haha..i just want honest opinions ;)

this is one of those many, many times i miss my mom...she was awesome at this stuff, impecable taste, and a genius with color, ahhhh...i definitely didn't inherit the design gene :P

So, all that in mind, give me the scoop! (oh, and sorry the pics are so small, don't know how to get them bigger from the valspar site ;)

The yellow color is for the living room, we are going back and forth as to whether we want it just like here, with the whitish color to be on the wall below the chair rail trim, or to just have the trim the white, with the yellow bottom and top, what do you think? the dining room is behind, to see what they look like together :)

dining, i realize that it looks different from the above pic, but it's the same, i guess the lighting is just supposed to be different ;)

Audrey's room...i know it's maybe a bit loud...but i want something happy and fun, and matches her's pretty much the opposite of her room now, haha

Our room

hallway/entry i was against having the trim painted a "color" because i really don't like the way it is right now, but i liked the idea of using the same color as the main living space, just switching it, i wanted to keep the same feel throughout :)

so what do you think??


Mrs.McJeep said...

I Love it all! No lies! Seriously looks great, and I love Audrey's room. The yellow in the living room looks more tan to me, but I like it.

nora said...

yeah, it's a pretty neutral yellow, just bright enough to be cheerful, but not too YELLOW :)
thanks lady friend ;)

claire said...

the pink and green is a little loud.
but coullld be cute?
I would go with perhaps a darker pink tone and light pink trim...

the other colors look great!

Mrs.McJeep said...

you really need to update your blog :P